Full Potential

Most people want to be listened to and encouraged, not challenged and corrected. Most people are not interested in gaining understanding, they just want to be understood. Most people don’t want to listen, they want to be heard. For these reasons most people will never reach their full potential. Many people want purpose but not pain. Many people want prosperity with no sacrifice. Many people want pleasure with no commitment. Honestly, I hope you are different. I am writing this in hope. Hoping that some people are hungry and want more for their life than mediocrity. If you are interested in reaching your full potential it will take your complete commitment. You will need to be willing to be teachable. When you become teachable, teachers appear. You will have to refuse to become complacent and call it contentment. You will have to determine if you are a pioneer or a settler. Settlers are sloppy and lazy. They are procrastinators and excuse makers. Pioneers are powerful and purpose keeps them moving forward. You will need to be willing to be challenged and corrected. You will need to be courageous and allow yourself to be confronted and held accountable. You will have to choose your commitments over your conveniences.