The Donald 

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is all over the media and at the top of almost all the Republican polls for a reason. His self-funding campaign is very intense. To some, this is intriguing; to others, it is disgusting. He says what he thinks and doesn’t care who likes it or not. He has absolutely no fear of man. He could use a little more fear of God, but that is another message for another time. He is rude and in some ways arrogant, that is undeniable. He is also more intelligent than most people think. Max Lucado insinuated in a recent post that Donald Trump is not decent and we need decency for the Presidency. He is correct, but let’s remember that aborting babies is not decent and the current administration (Obama) is very pro-choice. Bowing down to a Saudi Arabian king is also not decent. Projecting a gay flag over the Whitehouse is also not decent. So decency and the Presidency, at this point in time, do not seem all that connected. The other night Rubio, Cruz and Kasich said they would support Trump instead of Hillary Clinton; this further sealed the deal. I have talked with many thinking people who know it will come down to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The Bern is burned-out and he simply cannot win. Rubio and Cruz cannot win or beat Hillary Clinton. Kasich is experienced and intelligent but he can’t win. Ben Carson is highly intelligent and very self-controlled but he can’t win either. You don’t have to believe me, time will tell. Most people knew this from the start, but some were in denial about it and did not want to admit it.

Let me be clear, I am not writing this to sway your vote or to try to convince you about Donald Trump. I am simply sharing a different perspective, one that I have not heard from anyone in the media. To be honest, there are things about the Donald that make me uncomfortable like his mouth and temperament and how that could or will affect foreign policy. As I thought about the whole political scene, there was one thing that stood out to me about the Donald: his family loves and respects him a lot. Here is a link to a video interview with his wife on MSNBC. The fact that his kids really love and respect him is what speaks the loudest to me about the Donald. Many kids who have rich parents have bad and dysfunctional relationships with their parents. Not all, but many. When the children of very wealthy people really love their parents what that means is 3 possible things. Either the kids really love money or the kids really love their parents, or perhaps a little of both. The way the Donald and his kids interact is not something to ignore or overlook. In fact, it says something about him that the media has not mentioned. When the people who know you best love you the most perhaps you are not as bad as the media makes you out to be. Remember the media is about money and control. Donald Trump doesn’t need their money; in fact, he makes them money. He helps ratings go up because he is so entertaining. Also, he can’t be controlled and they (the media) fear that a lot.

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