Social Nudity : the remix

140 characters 

I really like Twitter. I get most of my news from Twitter. For me twitter is more of a place of inspiration, while Facebook can often be a place of frustration. What I mean by that is there are much less long conversations or aggressive debates on Twitter, at least for me. To be honest it is a bit of a different crowd. Believe it or not twitter has changed my life for the better. As most know Twitter only allows you 140 characters when you post. This restriction has caused me to ask my self many times, “what am I really trying to say?” We live in a generation that is not interested in everything you or I want to say. They just want to know, “what are we really trying to say?” The bottom line, the real message. Political correctness is out of style. It is possible to honor people and still be honest with them. People will respect you more if you are honest with them. If you are dishonest with people they will not trust you and you can not influence them. When you write or speak be honest and be direct. Show people that you value them enough to be honest with them. To watch the video blog of 140 characters click here.

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The World has Changed

People who find it hard to accept reality say, the world is changing. People who understand reality, know the world has changed. People who are ahead of their time get critized, but people who don’t change will get left behind. We have to choose who we will be. Let me explain what two intelligent businessmen explained to me recently. “The largest media company in the world doesn’t produce media; Facebook. The largest retail store in the world doesn’t own a store; Amazon. The largest taxi service in the world doesn’t own a cab; Uber. The largest hotel chain in the world doesn’t own a hotel; Airbnb.” With a push of the button you can share your thoughts with the world, get a cab, rent a hotel or buy whatever you are want and have it delivered to your doorstep. I must say all of this is cool and very helpful. It definitely increases our ability to be both productive and profitable. However there are two cautions that I have about all this convenience.

2 cautions concerning convenience.

  1. Subtly we can begin to think the world exists to serve us.
  2. All of the convenience can make us more and more impatient and that is dangerous.

If we take these mentalities and apply them to our most meaningful relationships the results can be tragic. If we come to relationships for only what we can get we will have very broken, dysfunctional and unproductive relationships. If we are impatient, we are actually unloving and love is at the center of all meaningful, sustainable and productive relationships. So it’s cool to let convenience speed us up and make us more productive and more profitable but we have to be careful that convenience doesn’t make us more narcissistic day by day. Although the world has changed and is changing there are some things that are enduring. There are somethings that will never change such as God, his word and the evidence of his residence in those who believe. Those unchanging realties give us clear reference points and help us navigate change and uncertainties with clarity and certainty.

10 Commandments of Social Media

Social Media is not just social. People hire and fire people according to their digital footprint. Remember if you post something online, send an e-mail or a text message a screen shot makes that electronic communication forever. This means we should not post anything online that we don’t want the whole world to see because there is a possibility of the whole world seeing it especially if someone goes awol. I wrote the 10 commandments of social media with your future in mind. I don’t want something you posted on social media to sabotage your success.

10 Commandments of Social Media

  1. Thou shalt not post on the Facebook wall of someone you have no relationship with.
  2. Thou shalt not tag people to a picture they are not in.
  3. Thou shalt not put your dirty laundry on Facebook. This is called social nudity and you could be in danger of being prosecuted for indecent exposure. This often makes people look crazy, unstable, unsafe and untrustworthy.
  4. Thou shalt not use passive aggressive behavior because you are afraid of confrontation.
  5. Thou shalt not make public posts that should be private conversations.
  6. Thou shalt not take provocative pictures of yourself if you expect to be treated with respect. (Bible verses and bikinis have nothing to do with each another.) If you need attention that bad you may need to see a Psychologist.
  7. Thou shalt not simply follow people because you want them to follow you back.
  8. Thou shalt not write in all capitals because people may think you are yelling at them.
  9. Thou shalt not post naked pictures of your children, that’s just weird. (There are too many sicko’s out there.)
  10. Thou shalt not post off topic and irrelevant comments on an original post because people will not take you seriously.

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